We are HotShot.

We are an independent brand experience and communications agency delivering strategic, creative and innovative solutions to brands of all kinds.

We work with our forward thinking clients to create design and digital solutions that have a lasting memory and build brand advocates.

HotShot has worked with established market leaders, breakthrough start-ups, small independents and international conglomerates. No challenge is deemed too big or small.

It’s time to connect with the people that really matter.

Our Services


When it comes to the creation of your branding every detail matters. It is how people view and perceive your company including yourself and your workforce. We can help you communicate, manage and develop your brand identity to ensure you are reaching your full potential as a company.


At HotShot we have experts that are available for free consultations on your creative advertising. We can help you from day one to create ideas that will help you get your idea out into the world whether that be through an event, pr stunt or as simple as a social media campaign. We’ve got you covered.


We are your answer to the ideation and execution of your successful campaign across the digital world of websites and social media channels. We then offer a continuous monitoring service to ensure you are maximising your online reach to your audience.


It’s vital that your brand works across all formats including print, we can help your business have a strong real life prescence whether that be through some fancy new business cards or ensuring your products packaging is the showstopper on the shelves in store.

"Great team to work with very responsive, innovative and fresh. These guys are on the ball and have been an asset to our company not only with great design but expert advise and fast turnarounds. Thanks Amy and the Team"
Dean Bulbeck,
DB Entertainment
"We had tried a few different designers for our Lite Bowls logo and we were left with the feeling that our vision hasn't been fully fulfilled, until we found HotShot through mutual contacts. Amy literally just read our minds instantly, and came up with the most exciting concepts we had received. The creativity with the designs and the variety of colours were what we have visualised our branding to be."
Sam Abulaban, Lite Bowls Leeds
"Amy from HotShot flew over from the U.K to Andorra with 2 days notice to work on menus for our 3 places here, she knew exactly what we wanted and executed the work load with speed and intricacy. Being in the hospitality industry, I have worked with many designers and agencies over the years but can honestly say i have never seen somebody work as fast and well."
Ashley Davey,
Olimpiades Andorra
"We have worked with HotShot on multiple projects over the past few years. They are a brilliant team to work with and get it right every time!"
Zach Podd,
PEL Events