Captain Morgan is a brand of rum produced by British alcohol conglomerate Diageo. The brand of rum has now become one of the most famous rum brands in the world with new variants released regularly.

The Brief

HotShot was tasked with producing high-impact, fast-paced social media animations to launch new limited edition bottles of Captain Morgan in collaboration with 31Dover. The assets would be used across Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories, thus, were required to be delivered in numerous formats.

The Delivery

HotShot initiated the project through market research and in-depth analysis on Facebook and Instagram to identify user behaviours and trends. Background research highlighted the importance of speed and rapid-fire movement within the video to capture and sustain the user’s attention and initiate a call to action.

The Results

31Dover achieved a 1200% ROI through the targeted placement of the animations and over 300 new subscribers to their monthly subscriptions.