Digital Self is a revolutionary virtual reality platform servicing the global shift for virtual lifestyles. The first platform of its kind, the system offers a complete, innovative VR/AR lifestyle hub that connects individuals across the globe.

The Brief

Investors appointed HotShot to develop the company’s name, design the brand identity and craft their communications assets. As a forward-thinking start-up, the investors required an ambitious title that encapsulated the concept and the integration of VR into individuals’ everyday lives.

The Delivery

HotShot executed the project using tailored brand workshops, comprehensive customer surveys and in-depth competitor analysis to identify the business concept’s differentiation from the market and develop significant consumer insights into the organisation’s niche. The extensive research phase uncovered a central idea to the brands positioning as fluidity and 3D design, clearly resonating with the target market. Aiming to target the Millennial and Generation Z demographics, the name is associated with a personalised digital service that created a unique connection on a global scale.

The Results

HotShot coined Digital Self and developed creative 3D design assets to communicate the concepts and achieve further seed funding rounds. The business received significant investment from a global sports superstar who felt encapsulated by the idea. Digital Self is due to deliver its revolutionary system within 2020 with HotShot appointed to develop the organisation’s social media channels and paid marketing strategy.