Hello Travel Club is a start-up, subscription based mobile application tracking down the planet’s cheapest, hard-to-find flights and saving customers hundreds of pounds per year.

The Brief

Hotshot was tasked with developing engaging content to connect with the applications target audience and encourage application downloads. As a start-up, Hello Travel Club had very little content to distribute, requiring HotShot to create unique assets that provided the organisation with a consistent brand. Additionally, HotShot was needed to optimise the social media channels ready for launch.

The Delivery

Initially, HotShot conducted an in-depth analysis of the competition to review their positioning, understand how their digital channels operated and the engagement their content was achieving. Upon completion, HotShot began developing the social media strategy for Hello Travel Club and produced content that aligned with the underlying marketing objectives. High impact animations were created to drive pre-launch subscribers. Additionally, easy-to-use templates were produced for campaign-specific content. Finally, HotShot created a one-month social media calendar template that would be utilised throughout the launch and could be replicated across further months by Hello Travel Club’s internal team.

The Results

Hello Travel Club’s application will be launching in Summer 2020, following the launch, the full social media content plan will be utilised. Upon the initial social media strategy implemented by HotShot, the brand received over 1500 pre-registrations through animations and video content used in targeted adverts and landing pages created by our team.