In The Style is one of Manchester’s most prominent fashion brands, offering trend-led styles at affordable prices that are co-created with celebrities and influencers through an Instagram-orientated business model.

The Brief

With numerous fast-fashion houses utilising similar marketing strategies, HotShot was briefed to create In The Style’s summer promotional video and celebrity-endorsed lines. The creative focus was to identify situations in which the upcoming fashion lines would best suit and deliver engaging video content that would be distributed across digital networks.

The Delivery

HotShot’s experience in delivering lifestyle-focused content allowed us to complete the In The Style project efficiently and effectively. Securing remarkable locations that complimented the product and celebrity personality, HotShot completed the filming in two days comprising 8K, high definition footage. The footage was then edited and delivered in multiple formats including 4K, 1080P and a full social media optimised package.

The Results

In The Style’s videos have been watched on Facebook and Instagram over 1,200,000 times and have received significant engagement and celebrity sharing.