Tottoco is an exciting new venture designing a range of biodegradable, ethical footwear utilising 3D knitting technology for babies, toddlers and mothers.

The Brief

A comprehensive brief was supplied to HotShot, incorporating important background information on the brand name, Tottoco, meaning rhythmical walking in Japanese and Tottokou, meaning “let’s keep”. The name integrates both the ethical and functional aspects of the proposed product. HotShot was asked to develop the brand’s logo and corporate identity utilising the target demographics and create a unique, instantly recognisable theme throughout the product offerings.

The Delivery

HotShot began the project by identifying themes and concepts underlying the key values and vision of the business. Developing several characters that could be associated with the products and appeal to the target audience, HotShot illustrated the Tottoco Panda. Representing true nature, the Tottoco Panda would be utilised to characterise the brand and become an integral part of the ongoing Tottoco story. Following the development of the brand identity, HotShot compiled colour palettes and brand guidelines for Tottoco to ensure consistency during the launch of the ambitious start-up.

The Results

The design created for Tottoco allows the brand and content to evolve and adapt in a scalable way, with the same themes threaded throughout all branded material and product offerings. Functioning as the cornerstone of the brand vision, Tottoco’s effective design communicates authenticity and ethical values at the heart of the company.