The UK Graphic Awards is a new awards ceremony created to celebrate and recognise the talent and hard work that goes into producing the UK’s most exceptional visual projects and the impact design has on the wider commercial and social community. 

The Brief

HotShot was required to develop an energetic brand that represented the diversity of the graphic design and print industries while aiming to remove the corporate expectation from business award ceremonies. An accompanying event registration landing page and a fully functional website were required to capture data, enable remarketing and facilitate ticket sales.

The Delivery

Hotshot completed a comprehensive review of current awards operating within the sectors and an in-depth customer analysis. HotShot began to identify bright, bold and exciting block colouring that could be animated and transferred throughout both digital and print assets during the pre-event campaign and live event. HotShot developed a striking, easily recognisable logo that identifies the event concept and can be utilised across multiple mediums. 


HotShot developed a high impact landing page utilised for data collection and to generate applicant leads. Utilising our Event Boost Funnel Stream, we delivered muti-content adverts and retargeting across a strategic selection of social media platforms.

The Results

HotShot achieved a concept delivery in a fixed three week period due to lost time spent on previous developers. Upon launch and funnel optimisation, HotShot delivered over 1000 pre-registrations, currently utilised to market the awards ceremony due to take place in October 2020.